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The Gate Online Portal can be accessed through The Gate’s Website – whenever you want to log-in or purchase a service, you will be redirected to the Portal for registration and/or payment and booking. Please note that The Gate Portal is a platform dedicated to registered users.
Gain access to the Portal by registering for ‘The Gate Now’ membership.

The Gate Now membership is a paid subscription that gives you access to The Gate’s Services & Products. Memberships can be purchased instantly on The Gate’s Portal . Getting a membership is done instantly on-line, with no document requirements or time-consuming trips to the Business Centre.

The Gate’s Services are available only to registered members and can be accessed instantly, 24/7 through the Online Portal – a user-friendly digital platform.


Yes, you may meet guests in your booked office.

WIFI connection is an add-on to a Facility Booking and is not included in the booking rate. Our clients have an option of using a complimentary ‘Basic’ WIFI connection or a paid ‘Premium’ WIFI connection. The ‘premium’ WIFI option gives you access to higher-speed, seamless internet.

Your time, your choice. A booking made in advance will guarantee availability and priority. Any walk-in requests will be honored based on availability.

Via Online Portal: 24/7

Via Phone +971 (0)4 524 7888 / In-person:  8:00am to 8:00pm

Via eMail “”: typical response time is one working day

Yes, facilities can be booked outside The Gate’s normal working hours (SUN-THU, 8:00am – 8:00pm) based on the below terms & conditions:

  • 8:00PM to 12:00AM – 2-day advance booking; Special rates will apply
  • 12:00AM to 8:00AM – Access available only to long term clients (3 months & above) for offices only; No staff support available & no access to meeting rooms

Yes, facilities can be booked over the weekend / public holidays based on the below terms & conditions:

  • 2 working days advance booking required
  • 3 hours minimum booking duration
  • Higher booking rates will apply

Depending on the situation, the following will apply:

  • Scenario 1: Facility is available to extend the booking – Client Service Representative will notify that booking has been extended and the extra charges will be added to your account
  • Scenario 2: Facility is no longer available beyond the time booked – Client Service Representative will recommend an alternative space, if available. Please keep in mind that advance bookings have priority.

Facility bookings can be done through our Online Portal, over the phone by calling +971 (0)4 524 7888, by email at “” or through in-person visits.


You are welcome to walk-in for a tour anytime during our official work hours – Sunday to Thursday 8:00am to 8:00pm – as our frontdesk staff are available to assist. However we recommend that you book a tour via our website or over the phone +971 (0)4 524 7888 to ensure that a sales representative is available to provide you with all the information you may require.

The regular working hours are from Sunday to Thursday, 8:00am to 8:00pm.


Estidama is valid for 1 year and renewable annually

TGME can provide an official address for clients who meet eligibility for a desk-space at our premises as we have added ‘BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY CENTRE’ as our Business Activity.

Co-Working Space is a recognized space with DED which is built under ‘Business Sustainability Center’ with an activity code 701020.

It is  completely legitimate to hold a 50sqft with an approved sustainability center.

With an Estidama you can avail and market the following:

  • Use of Business Centre’s Dubai mainland address
  • Access to a Co-working Space
  • Dedicated switchboard number and call handling services

Coworking space is actually limited to certain business activities that require:

A.Ministry approvals and are subject to terms & conditions specified by the relevant Ministry

B.for any activities which require bigger office space

When you apply for TGME’S Estidama package, your business license or activity details will be requested and the same can be checked & verified with DED on a case to case basis.

Estidama (or Business Sustainability) is  a new initiative established by the Dubai Economic Department which  aims to contribute to the sustainability of business in the Emirates of Dubai. You can actually reduce the annual office cost from your business by renting a co-working space holding Minimum 50Sqft with an approved ’business sustainability center’ such as TGME  that meets DED (Dubai Economic Department) Regulations.


The meeting facilities can accommodate up to 12 people.

Boardroom 12-persons
Meeting Room 4-persons
First Class Lounge 7-person
Business Class Lounge 6-person
Lounge 5-person


Choose between a formal setup with solid-wood conference table & leather chairs, or a more informal arrangement of Chesterfield sofas & glass coffee tables. All our meeting spaces incorporate Feng Shui design for increased efficiency, along premium furniture & facilities:

  • 75” or 55” 4K UHD TV Screen
  • HD Video & Phone Conference System (optional)
  • Surround Sound System
  • Glass White Board
  • Views of Burj Khalifa / Dubai Downtown

There are three kinds of meeting facilities:

  • Meeting Room (4-person)
  • Boardrooms (12-person)
  • Lounge (5 to 7-person; for informal meetings)
Facilities Category View Small Medium Large
Offices Business Class Aisle  
First Class Aisle  
Meeting Rooms Meeting Room Window    
Board Room Window    
Launges Standard Window    
Business Class Window    
First Class Window    

The office sizes range from 110 to 250 square feet. Clients can choose the office setup from one manager desk to multiple workstations (up to 6).

All our offices include premium furniture (desks with drawers, chairs and storage cabinets), and “just-plug-in” infrastructure (phone handsets, WIFI). And for that extra-boost of efficiency and achievement, all interiors are Feng Shui designed.

There are two types of offices: Business Class and First Class office. Both types have Aisle and Window options.

WINDOW Premium Interiors & Furniture; Views of Downtown Dubai Upgraded Premium Interiors & Furniture; Views of Downtown Dubai
AISLE Premium Interiors & Furniture;Without External View Upgraded Premium Interiors & Furniture;Without External View
  • Cancellation of a facility booking within a 24-hour (1 working day) notice or less incurs a 100% charge (no refund).
  • Cancellation within 48 hours (2 working days) incurs a 50% charge.


Go to portal to cancel. Please note that terms & conditions may apply.

Clients can update their information at any time on the portal. We recommend that you maintain an updated account profile for optimum delivery of our services.

There is a 2-month notice period for move-outs. This applies only to long-term agreements (i.e. Clients registered for Licensing Package or long-term Office Booking).


The Gate offers full service for setting up a business in Dubai. In addition to the Now License Package, you can opt for time-saving advice and assistance from our team of professionals who can handle this process from start to finish by:

  • planning the step-by-step process and setting up a timeframe
  • advising on the required documents
  • visiting government offices & online applications on your behalf
  • offering business setup consultancy services

Please note that these services are charged separately and are not included in the Business License Package cost.

The NOW LICENSE PACKAGE addresses entrepreneurs and businessmen who need to quickly and smoothly setup a business in Dubai. This is an “all-inclusive” package ensuring both office space and use of address to enable you to obtain a business license. Companies registering at our location will be eligible for a Dubai mainland license issued by the Dubai Economic Department (DED). Clients will be required to have a minimum 200 square foot office space to be eligible for this package (in keeping with the Dubai government regulations). This package inlcudes the services provided by the Quick Communication Package.

The CO-WORKING TIME PACKAGE gives you access to a shared office space. It includes unlimited hours of using the desk during work hours. This package is designed for individuals who require quick, flexible access to a work station (desk). We recommend calling and booking a space in advance as the desk use is subject to availability.
Choose between 1, 3 and 6 months subscription options.

There are 3 subscription plans available:

  1. Quick Communication Package is a Phone & Mail service that connects your business communications to our prestigious location in Downtown Dubai. It provides you with use of our address, a dedicated landline and front-desk team who handles your calls and mails.
  2. Now License Package is a dedicated solution for setting-up a business in Dubai, including the required physical office space to professional consultancy and option for assistance in handling all the process. This Package includes the Quick Communication Package described above.
  3. Coworking Time Package gives access to a shared office space. It includes 60 hours of using a Desk during work hours as convenient.

Packages are add-ons to The Gate Membership that you can purchase based on your individual needs. By getting a package, you can use the service for your chosen period (monthly to annual).

  • Memberships:  You can cancel your membership at any time however no refunds will be provided once a payment is made. Cancelling your membership will terminate your access to the Portal.
  • Co-working Package: Your Co-working package sign-up may be cancelled at any time through the portal however no refunds will be provided once a payment is made.
  • ‘Quick Communication’ and ‘NOW Business License’ Package
    • Refunds are not provided for Phone & Mail and Business License package sign-ups that are 6 months or less.
    • In the case of long-term sign-ups that are 7 months & above, a refund may be provided if a cancellation notification is made via the Portal or email with minimum 1 month in advance .
    • Terms & conditions apply in determining the amount that will be refunded. 2 months’ fee will be charged in any case for the termination of the package.


Yes, late fees will be applied to payments not paid within the due date.

All purchases, bookings and invoices can be viewed on the online portal on the ‘My Account’ section.

Sign-up, or subscription to the packages can be made any time of the month.

Subscription to Packages and Booking of Facilities are paid in advance. Booking time extension will be charged at the end of your session.

Some of the Support Services are paid upfront, while others can be paid after usage – please contact us for further inquiry.

Clients can choose the most convenient way to make payments:

  1. Online via the Portal
    1. Debit card
    2. Credit card
    3. Bank Transfer
  2. In person, at the Front Desk
    1. Cheque (for long term Clients only, T&C apply)
    2. Card
    3. Cash (for amounts up to 1,000 AED)


All offices are provided with secure access by card and/or key

The Business Centre is monitored 24/7 via CCTV camera system

The main entrance is secured with card for exclusive access to the centre


Yes, our professional team of Customer Service Representatives can answer calls and manage mail on Client’s behalf. The service includes Calls answered in your Company name and call transfer to your office, mobile or voicemail.  This service is available for Clients who register for:

  • Quick Communication Package
  • Now License Package
  • Long-term office booking

Package Subscribers or  Facility Booking users have access to our range of Support Services to save time by fulfilling various operational needs through our staff and partners. These services cover all one needs and are charged separately:

  • Administrative & Secretarial Services
  • IT & Communication Support
  • Company Formation & PRO Services
  • Branding & Marketing Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Refreshments
  • Parking Facilities

For more details click here.


Yes, our boardroom and offices provide top of the line conference call facilities for HD Calls.

Yes, top of the line conferencing equipment is offered in our Boardrooms. The state-of-the-art HD Polycom Video links to a High definition 75” 4K UHD TV screen and hi-speed internet connection for a seamless experience.

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